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Title: Coyote Hills

Preparation: A great park for hiking and see the beautiful bay view. Address: 8000 Patterson Ranch Rd, Fremont, CA 94555. Parking gate hours: 8am - 8pm, means gate locked at 8pm. Gate locked inside will be cited. Admission: $5 parking fee and need to pay in the entrance gate where about a mile away from the Visitor Center. There is no park staff here, just a paying booth. Do not miss this. Visitor center do not take care of the parking fee charge and you have to pay in this entrance. I've seen people parking before the entrance and then walking through the gate and thus save the $5 parking fee. There is yearly parking permits you can buy if you'd like to come very often. I heard it's around $55. It may vary later. If you'd like to hike about several miles, you do not have to drive through the Patterson Ranch road. You can go through Ardenwood Blvd, find a place in the neighborhood to park your car if you drive here, then go to the Alameda creek trail, hiking about 1.5 to 2 miles, then you can reach the hills and the visitor center. You do not have to pay any fee in this way. But be aware if you have young kids and elders, or you need to carry picnic stuff, I suggest you drive to the parking lot in front of the visitor center and then go to the Hills.

Attractions and activities: 1. Coyote hills is a perfect place for hiking. See the Hills and the bay view, highway 84 bridge. You can also see Facebook's headquarter in the other side of the bay. 2. There is a 12 miles Alameda creek trail comes through coyote hills park. It is a perfect place for hiking. It is very beautiful, all different kinds of birds, wild flowers, ponds, deer, etc. 3. Picnic area. 4. Glider Hill. Last time our family have seen a couple of RC(Remote Control) hobbyist flying their Airplane Model Gliders.

Dining: No food bar or restaurant here. Bring your own picnic is the best. There are picnic area around the visitor center. Also there are picnic bench and tables along the hiking trail. Restrooms are available.

Things I wish I had known before: Usually there are very strong wind because the bay is here. So even in May or summer, bring extra jackets in case you needed it. Especially for the Kids or your elders.


  • From Ardenwood road to the trail and then run about 2 miles, you can reach the Coyote Hills and also wind trail in the bottom of the Hill. From either the peak or the trail, you can enjoy the spectacular bay view.